How It Works?

Turn Tasks Into Entertainment

Witness the world’s fastest shopping platform delivering the ultimate shopping experience! SuperUp demonstrates insanely fast and personalized product discovery via intuitive ways such as swiping, hot-text and voice technology. Users can interact with shoppable videos and content or share carts with friends and family - in real time!


Exclusive Behavioral Data

SuperUp's unique data apparatus (patented) captures contextual and granular data to better analyze the shopper’s journey. Our system crosses unique consumer insights with product profiling to better learn shopping habits and behaviors.

Super Personalised!

Powered By AI

SuperUp utilizes exclusive product knowledge to automatically personalize the user’s journey by surfacing relevant products, product highlights and personalized recommendations - in real time. Whether a shopper prefers a higher protein snackbar, or items in a certain color - SuperUp will quickly identify your preferences so more relevant products could be easily found on the “Smart Shelf”.

Traffic Monetization

SuperUp turns Retailers’ digital sites into a premium advertising hub for advertisers & brands. The platform provides the opportunity to reveal products and target consumers in a personalized and contextual manner - at the critical moment of product selection.

Retailer’s get the chance to double dip - gain higher conversions while leveraging premium ad inventory.



SuperUp's technology is designed for fast integration with any backend platform such as SAP Hybris, Salesforce, Magento or Shopify as well as any legacy system.

Our delivery method is backed by a team of experts dedicated to efficiently bringing you to market within weeks.