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The eComMarketing Revolution

SuperUp is the world's first PaaS which hybrids personalized eCommerce with contextual targeting capabilities, taking mobile shopping into a whole new dimension.

True Omnichannel Experience

Our flagship product, SuperUp native app, is complemented with a web version and can be seamlessly integrated to a retailer’s backend. SuperUp modular structure allows to embed stand alone modules within an existing platform with minimal effort on the retailer's side and supports all online channels, fulfillment methods and different in-store modules.

One Holistic


SuperUp takes mobile shopping into a whole new dimension. When using our app, shoppers can shop online, access their loyalty cards, utilize points and coupons, interact with bloggers or content and receive personalized promotions - even when they are offline. Shoppers can also leverage their physical store’s experience with all the features above, plus in-store navigation and scan & go.



SuperUp eComMarketing platform hybrids a personalized shopping experience with real-time targeting capabilities. It enables retailers to leverage unique interactions between consumers and brands, who are looking to promote their products to relevant audiences in an interactive, personalized and

hyper-contextual environment.


Ultimate Shopping Experience


Relevant and Profitable eCommerce


Effective Medium to Target Audience


Contextual Verifiable Ads for ROI Uplift

Syndicate the CRAB Ecosystem

SuperUp eComMarketing platform provides a win-win solution for all parties:

Sales Uplift Via

Ultimate Shopper Experience

Whether you are a grocer, health & beauty or fashion retailer, you can maximize your sales with a customized and relevant shopping experience. SuperUp platform helps your consumers to complete their shopping tasks faster while enriching their experience and driving a dramatically higher conversion rate and ticket size.

David Roth

CEO, WPP - The Store

“SuperUp has the best mobile shopping platform I’ve ever seen.

And I’ve seen lot’s and lot’s...”


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